Interior Design Service Geelong

Livingetc offers an in-depth interior design service to assist our clients in designing and decorating the perfect space for their home.

In addition to our wide range of furniture and homewares products, we can provide an interior design and decorative service, to assist in choosing the right pieces for your home.

We also provide our customers with a home consultation service for a fee of $500 which will then be deducted from any purchases made at our store over $5000.

Our entire team of experienced interior stylists, are passionate about providing you with the finishing touches to complete your residential, commercial or office space.

Our philosophy is that each space will always be unique, as the design of each interior is a reflection of the client’s individual style.

We firmly believe design is about expressing yourself and not following trends.

Therefore, we adhere to the following key principles when designing a space:

  • Ensure that we have a complete understanding of what the client’s objectives are
  • Ensure that the space reflects the style of the client
  • Optimising natural light and selecting correct colour schemes
  • Utilising correctly sized furniture and specifying artwork and homewares.

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