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Nyunga Sun Printed Canvas

This beautiful Indigenous Artwork is a print of an original piece by Zowie Baumgart. Zowie Baumgart is an indigenous Australian artist born in Canberra and raised in her families traditional country in Southern Queensland. She is a self taught interdisciplinary artist working across a diverse medium. With a strong understanding and creative talent ever since her high school days, she is now diversifying into a more traditional art expression. Raising her own family has brought her closer to her family origins, connection to the land and ignite a renewed passion for the representation of her peoples oral history through painting. Her works represent the combined narratives of both her mothers and fathers clans, – the Kombumerri of South Stradbroke and the Butchulla of Maryborough and Fraser Island.


1200 x 1200mm, 1400 x 1400mm, 1600 x 1600mm, 1900 x 1900mm