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Jess Kirby Winki Pop Swell Original Artwork

A short bushy track gives way to inviting white sands and gentle turquoise waters, granting serenity to those fortunate to visit on a quiet summer’s day. The lapping water swallows up fading footprints, making you feel as though you are the first.

Jess Kirby is a self-taught artist based in Armstrong Creek, where country meets coast. Her beautiful surroundings and regular adventures to the beach inspire her main style of work in aerial landscapes. Working in acrylics on canvas, she enjoys using a blend of neutral tones with subdued hints of bright and earthy hues to capture the stunning glory of Australian landscapes from above. She endeavors to create artworks designed to quietly brighten a space and bring warmth to the viewer, igniting their desire to want to visit the places depicted. Jess also enjoys keeping her practice fresh by experimenting in other light hearted styles, guided only by her artistic intuition.


1200 x 940mm


Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in Raw Oak