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Ben David by KAS Maribel Candle Holders

Light up your space with the Maribel Candle Holders – where whimsy meets sophistication! Available in both Short and Tall versions, these candle holders add a playful touch to your home decor. The Tall version, dressed in a chic teal hue, stands tall and proud, bringing a burst of color to your space. Meanwhile, the Short version, rocking a vibrant red, adds a pop of excitement. Maribel Candle Holders are not just holders; they’re mini works of art that infuse joy into any room. Whether you’re creating a cozy ambiance or hosting a lively gathering, let the Maribel series from KAS illuminate your space with style, fun, and a touch of flair! Light the way to a more vibrant and joyful home with KAS Maribel Candle Holders.

Available Colours

Rose, Teal


Short 65x65x153mm, Tall 67x67x200mm